mercredi 14 mai 2008

Vendeuvre château et source de la Barse

Le château de Vendeuvre qui sera bientôt comme chaque année le théâtre du spectacle Vindovera.
La source de la Barse.
The castle pf Vendeuvre. Soon it will be, as every year, the spot of several evening shows "Vindovera".
The spring of the Barse under the castle.

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Le chateau est magnifique, mais la source c'est etonnant.

Ruth a dit…

Beautiful, and oh so French.

I wish I knew French better to translate that wonderful video you posted at Synchronizing! It looks funny too. But I do not understand it. What is it about?

Gudl a dit…

Especially the first photo is wonderful! Like a postcard.
I've been to a few Loire chateaux
- is that close to where you live?

Jackie a dit…

What a beautiful building - it looks like a typical, stunning French chateau. I haven't been to France for years, I really must go again and see some of your amazing sights!

Jackie (Glasgow DP)