jeudi 19 mars 2009

Dienville au soleil levant



L'église et la halle de Dienville sous un ciel bleu au soleil levant.
The church and the covered market of Dienville under a blue sky as the sun rises.

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Tarolino a dit…

Aivan upea paikka ja varsinkin kuva numero kaksi on hienosti sommiteltukin. Sun SWF linkissä on jotain vikaa. Sitä kautta ei blogia löydy. Kannattaa varmasti laittaa se uudestaan sinne.

Tarolino a dit…

And then of course I will say the same in english. I really don't know what brainstorm took over my head earlier ;P
A wonderful place and the second shot such a lovely composition too.

There's something wrong with your SWF link so it does not open your blog. Might be an idea to post it again.

hpy a dit…

Le ciel du matin est si tendrement bleu.

Inkivääri a dit…

Beautiful pics of beautiful place and sky:)

Tammie Lee a dit…

You have lovely light on these wonderful buildings!

Bergson a dit…

un hall vraiment bien conservé il faudrait demandé qu'il enlève ces signalisations routières