lundi 21 janvier 2008

Brienne le Château Grande rue, café "Au Chat".

La rue principale de Brienne le Château. Bombardée par erreur par l'aviation alliée pendant la secondue guerre mondiale cette rue a été complêtement reconstruite. Le café "Au chat" a gardé son nom et la librairie son emplacement.
The main street was destroyed by a mistake during the Second World war. Everybuilding had to be rebuilt. The café has kept its name "Au chat'" (Cat's coffee place) and the newspapers and books seller is at the same place.

2 commentaires:

Fredrik Ekblad a dit…

What a great idea to compare old photos of the town with new ones. Looks like a small and peaceful place to live, not that different from Ystad.

quin[tarantino] a dit…

What happened? How was that possible? Destroying a street by mistake...

Hope you had good vacations.