lundi 28 janvier 2008

Château d'eau de Saint-Lyé

Le château d'eau vu de voiture à partir de la route nationale 19.
Saint-Lyé water castle seen from a car driving along the RN 19 road.

3 commentaires:

quintarantino a dit…

As I told you I think "château d' eau" look great with these paintings. And these photos reminded me of another wonderful thing in France (and that I always enjoy when visiting like this late summer on the Loire Valley for the second time): the landscapes where one can see endless fields!

Miss Vader a dit…

J´ai vue des "château" quando je suis des vacances en France. Jolie. Merci de visiter

Per Stromsjo a dit…

Wow, good to see a real paint job. It's mostly vandals spray painting things over here.