mardi 1 juillet 2008

X comme XERXES de Haendel

ABC wednesday lettre X
X comme XERXES l'opéra de Haendel et son aria "ombra mai fù"
Jamais l'ombre d'un arbre ne fut
plus précieuse, plus aimable et suave.
There never was shade of plante
so dear and friendly and sweet.
Ombra mai fù, di vegetabile cara
ed amabile soave più.
Et l'ombre des tilleuls de l'impasse de la Barre à Radonvilliers.
The shadows of the limetrees along the path "la Barre" in Radonvilliers
Une version de Ombra mai fù
sur Dailymotion
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12 commentaires:

Granny Smith a dit…

How delightfully original to choose the words of a Xerxes aria and to illustrate it with a beautiful photograph!

esnorway a dit…

nice x good pics

lyliane a dit…

Les paroles de cet opéra cadrent bien avec la température du moment, il devait y avoir du monde sous les tilleuls hier.

Miss_Yves a dit…

E-x-cellentes idées !
Je n'ai pas pu entendre la video, suis persuadée que cette interprétation est sublime, comme cet opéra...
miss Yves

Ackworth Born a dit…

An Xemplary performance of the aria Xcellent find.

babooshka a dit…

This an excellent post.Outstanding cand highly original. Personally for me this is my favourite X today.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) a dit…

Oh this is very very nice! A great photo to go with beautiful words!

me ann my camera a dit…

Great poster!

AphotoAday a dit…

Interesting post -- hope you are enjoying a fine X day.

Ruth a dit…

Brilliant. The music, the poster, the limetrees, everything. Thank you.

Katney a dit…

An interesting contribution.

Louis la Vache a dit…

No, "Louis" didn't see many cows in Paris last October!
However, as you well know, had he gone to Normandie, he would have encountered beaucoup des vaches!.

"Louis" thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

"Louis" is up past his cowbell in a work project for the next several weeks, so he may stop by and take a look but not sign the 'guest registry'.