mardi 22 juin 2010

Plantes médicinales sur le balcon du Parc

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Champ de pavot à opium (papaver somniferum L.) destiné à l'industrie pharmaceutique.

Opium poppy field on the Park balconny.

1932 – Foundation of Francopia.

1962 – Build-up of a new industrial facility in Aramon. Alkaloids are extracted from opium.

1967 – Poppy crops are developed in France and allow to reduce the use of opium.

1977 – Francopia is requested by the French Ministry of Health to extend the culture of poppy in order to reach its objective of strategic self-sufficiency for the supply.

2000 – Pain relief and drug addiction therapy are increasingly taken into account as therapeutical indications.

2004 – Build-up of a new workshop in the factory in order to increase the capacity of production of Francopia.

Founded in 1932, Francopia has become France’s official representative in the production of opiate narcotic substances.Operating in accordance with international regulations, Francopia is one of the world leaders in the licit market for narcotics and is renowned for its higher standards of production and distribution.Francopia’s expertise ranges from the Research & Development stage trough to agricultural and industrial production, thus enabling Francopia to develop highly complex active pharmaceutical ingredients.Francopia’s objectives:To fulfill the needs of:

Domestic and international market.

Medical and scientific research establishments.

Laboratories involved in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.

The Ministry of Defense.

To ensure a continual availability of raw materials.

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