dimanche 16 décembre 2007

1950, école maternelle

Sans unité de lieu, de temps et d'action voici une photo inspirée par le blog de Amorphous potentia (Alek).
The fiery scotsman said.
Une photo de classe dans la banlieue parisienne en 1950. Je suis l'un des enfants très sages au premier rang tout à gauche.
Without unity of location, time or action (it's not a classical theater play) here's a pic inspired by the Amorphous potentia blog.
he fiery scotsman said.
A black and white photo of a classroom in a Parisian suburb school. I'm one of the so wise and quiet pupils on the front line on the left.

6 commentaires:

alek a dit…

You look positively angelic with the wisdom of the ages, i love the class photo! and how cool that you joined the chain of events from the fiery Scotsman's post because 3 almost makes it an entity... i'll link you on the stage

Ruth a dit…

Ah, so sweet and yes angelic. I am loving these old photos, now back to Alek's . . .

Ruth at flying

Daniel J Santos a dit…

lovely picture, my wife is French and she went to in the école maternell.

haggis basher a dit…

This is fantastic!!

There is something about an old photo that when you stop for a second to contemplate it sudenly you are transported back in time and all the memory's, smells and emotions just wash over you.


Lilly a dit…

What a beautiful picture and cute, cute children!

[terrorkitten] a dit…

What a great shot. I love how you are all looking slightly frightened at the photographer...very nice