mercredi 12 décembre 2007

Brienne la Vieille, the mill and the fall

The mill when it was not yet burnt and the fall long ago and nowadays. The river flows over the dam (batardeau) built for leading part of the water towards two watermills one on each side of the river Aube.
Le moulin dans sa splendeur lorsqu'il n'avait pas été incendié, la chûte d'eau au dessus du batardeau ou batard ( fausse rive pour dévier le courant d'eau vers les deux moulins qui bordaient l'AUBE de part et d'autre du courant.

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oldmanlincoln a dit…

These are beautiful photos and the story behind them is compelling too. I like old mills and wrote several stories about the only water mill still operating here in Ohio. Called Bear's Mill.

I like your blog a lot.

Thanks for coming to my place and commenting on the hawk.

quintarantino a dit…

These are lovely photos yoou have here.
Old mills are always so romantic, aren´t they?
This summer, when in vacation on your country (Loire Valley) I had the chance to see one or two...

Daniel J Santos a dit…

Beautiful photos, especially the B&W photo.

Ruth a dit…

This is something you're so good at. I like the new blog! (just have to sign on under the other blog)

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Steve Buser a dit…

I can almost hear the gurgle of the water -- very scenic