lundi 17 décembre 2007

Class 1954 : Turjan koulu ensimmäinen luokka - école primaire

Classe 1954, une école primaire de Kauhajoki (Finlande), la petite fille finlandaise aux cheveux noirs sous la fenêtre du fond a tenu à ce que cette photo paraisse aussi sur ce blog. Tous les enfants - filles et garçons - manient avec dextérité le crochet.

Class 1954, a primary school in the village of Kauhajoki, the little finnish dark haired girl under the back window asks for the publication of this photo on this blog. Every child - boy or girl -knows how to use a crochet hook.

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haggis basher a dit…

Another amazing photo, this is just over 50 years ago, not than long a time ago in some ways but things then were so different. Most young people today couldn't comprehend what life was like then.

There old photos are ones personnal 'time machine'

quintarantino a dit…

Black and white time machine... well done.

Bergson a dit…

Je pensais pas que Hpy et ses copines faisaient du crochet

DaveM a dit…

Looking at some of the sweaters the children are wearing their mothers knew how to knit as well.

I'm about the same age as those children and remember the hand knitted jumpers I wore. My favourites had a full length zip down the front.

Ruth a dit…

I love this. The desks are beautiful. And the little dark-haired girl under the back window is very sweet.

Ruth at flying

Daniel J Santos a dit…

Another beautiful B&W photo.