mercredi 20 août 2008

Nordic walking le long du lac Amance

Non il ne manque pas la neige et les skis de fond.
Cette technique de marche assistée avec des bâtons vient également de Finlande et s'appelle "Nordic walking".
Snow and nordic skis have not dissappeared on this pic. This kind of walk comes from Finland and is called "Nordic walking".

3 commentaires:

lyliane a dit…

C'est une marche décidée "partir et ne plus revenir"!Pour moi ça serait merveilleux avec la neige.

hpy a dit…

Ils sont fous ces finlandais (et pas ces romains)!

Juha Ylitalo a dit…

Just to add couple extra points here ... There are two kind of poles: telescopes and fixed length.
Fixed lengths are more or less like the traditional ski poles. Pros on fixed length is that they can take lot of abuse, but con is that its hard to pack them for vacation, etc.
Telescopes are nowdays popular solution, if you want to have poles for hiking in holiday destinations. They are compact so you can pack them inside suitcases for air travel.
You can also adjust telescope poles according to terrain. If you go across river, you might want to make them as long as possible and if you have to go uphill for long period, you might want to make them shorter than usual ...