lundi 17 mars 2008

Mathaux et la photo en 1905

Des appareils de photo Kodak en 1905.
Deux scènes de rue à Mathaux.
Advertisements for Kodak cameras in 1905.
Two postcards of the streets of Mathaux.

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Ruth a dit…

Where do you find these postcards? How many do you have in your collection??

veronique_deshotels a dit…

just returned from enigma janitor. I'm pleased to meet you and I expect to be a spontaneous guest. I love what you are doing.


Anonyme a dit…

I like your post today. There is a lot of history in it. We forgot now how important and different photography used to be. You could tell people you were going to take a picture and ask them to stop what they are doing and come outside and they would. Nowadays, ask a group of people fixing a meal, or watching television, to step outside you want to take their picture and they would probably give you the finger sign. LOL

Nice history lesson in your post today.

Anonyme a dit…

Un peu de histoire aujourd'hui ... três bien.

Comme je m' appele Quintino (mon vrai nom) j' ai beaucoup aimé l' Eglise de Saint Quentin!

Daniel J Santos a dit…

Excellent post, very beautiful history moments.

lyliane a dit…

J'avais gardé le vieux kodack de mes parents il datait de l'après guerre, mon fils me l'a réclamé pour sa collection, je ne peux rien lui refuser!